5F0D0E31-0146-4875-94AD-08180F5BEEB2Though I was in Hawaii a little over a month ago, part of my consciousness still lingers there…

I recently feel so boldly awake with a creative / destructive presence that I associate with Pele.

Pele is the fire goddess of Hawaii. She manifests in fire, lightening, wind, volcanoes, & is believed to be the creator of the Hawaiian islands. 

Her presence is sublime & sensorily engulfing. 

The kind of humbling presence that shatters every attachment, but only for the purpose thrusting you toward greater authenticity. 

In the dim light, the only clear words I can see on the back of a friend’s shirt are “cannot suppress.” Is that a threat or a gentle suggestion? I could feel the cosmos giggle at me a little.

The planet feels very on the verge of something…..or maybe it’s just the in between anticipation space of winter and spring

What have you been feeling today?


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