Rise of Healers~

This is something that inspired me today.

In Down to Earth Massage & Wellness in Boone, I met Emily for some tea and conversation about a documentary project I am doing. It is meant to explore perceptions of Appalachia, while simultaneously being conscious to not further perpetuate myths of the region. So often, there are the polarities of the portrayal of Appalachia as being a pristine and remote place of simple living, or it is deemed a place of environmental degradation & poverty. Across nearly 420 counties from New York to Georgia, there are a lot of experiences excluded in the framing of Appalachia.

With a particular interest in healing modalities, I wanted to explore some alternatives to Western medicine, but with an awareness to not solely capture “folk medicine”, though it too is an authentic part of the region.

Upon our meeting today, we immediately connected over the Bromeliad (pink & green plant pictured above) in her space. She offered some tea and we dove into conversation.

I was curious about the roots of her approaches of her healing practice and she shared her desire to cross-culturally merge the worlds of Western thought with the almost esoteric nature of Eastern practices to bring together the science & the sacred.

Emily reminded me that with the rise of planetary crisis, there is a simultaneous rise of healers to support each other as we process our dynamic experiences of being human.

Yes, there is trauma & devastation, but there is equally so much joy!

She shared her awe at the daily transformation she bares witness of through her practice and how this can ripple outward, being a catalyst for planetary change. Yes!!!

This encounter left me feeling hopeful and so deeply inspired.



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