Cosmovision of the Kogi ~

Processed with VSCO with m3 presetin one of my classes I have learned a little about the cosmovision of the Kogi, an indigenous group of Columbia whose primary deity is the ~mother goddess~ who created the “cosmic egg”
This cosmic egg is situated in the midst of 7 directions (north, south, east, west, zenith, nadir, and center)
It is also stratified between 9 worlds, which are represented by daughters of the mother goddess.

Each daughter reflects a type of agricultural land, ranging from pale and bleak to flourishing fertility.
What I find interesting about the directions is that each is correlated with a predator and a prey. South, for example corresponds with Puma (male) and Deer (female). Yes-the dominating animal is male, but the nourishing sustenance is female. There is an interesting taboo against women who are perceived to be polluted in this culture.
Selected men (which may be communicated by a dream) undergo 18 years of training, in which they are segregated from females, become nocturnal / kept out of the sun (which they consider feminine), and abstain from sex.
These people see in dualities of good and evil, and the ultimate goal is to find balance between the two polarities of “man’s demands and nature’s resources.” The Earth is seen as one living body, of which the Kogi feel responsible for caring for our current sick & dying world that “younger brother” has alienated and disconnected himself from.
These are people who understand the relationships of ecosystems not through research, but through generations of observation and experience.

In the ethnographic film, Aluna, members of the Kogi group suggest that not only do processes effect each other from top down (from stream to river) but that they influence each other reciprocally and in a reversed manner.

The anthropologist is skeptical of their claim and seeks out validity from scientists. Turns out, they’re correct…..~~~


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