Courageous Tiptoes Toward a Changing Earth: Ecotherapy

Finding solutions that confront our ecological crisis can be overwhelming, but Eco-therapy offers an often overlooked approach.

Many think that when I say, “Eco-therapy,” that it is some sort of Earth-based psychological healing modality, specifically for humans.

It is that, but the medicine is not solely for our species.


Eco-therapy does not separate the states of the psyche from the conditions of our environment. Eco-psychological perspectives see that these two seemingly separate phenomena have a common root, thus a common solution. The common root is a lack of practices that facilitate a dissolved boundary between humans and “nature.” This perpetuates a feeling of alienation and a perceived separateness from the ecological communities that sustain our lives. When we feel disconnected, we may feel anxious, or even depressed. This may foster habits that are individually fulfilling, motivated by profit, and ultimately environmentally destructive.

This is not a solution for everyone and it is merely one root in a myriad of complex webs.

Is there really an all inclusive solution? I’m not sure, but for those who are in places of power….for those who may see the planet as an infinite well of resources solely for human consumption…for those who value profit over ecological well-being….maybe Eco-therapy could spark insight into alternative ways of being…

Here is a video/creation that reflects these sentiments:

Courageous Tiptoes Toward a Changing Earth: Ecotherapy

Stay tuned for a post that explores the various modalities of practices that facilitate connection, dissolve boundaries, and help to develop the ecological self…




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